Friday, 25 April 2014

Corliss Expert Group in Home Security Review

Vivint earn our TopTen REVIEWS Silver Award with a winning combination of efficiency and security features. Vivint provides the means to protect your home from burglary and environmental emergencies as a home security system should, but Vivint takes extra steps to make sure your home runs more efficiently, as well.

The more sensors placed around your home, the more alerts you'll receive. Depending on the sensors you add to your system, you'll get alerts for motion, door and window activity, spikes in heat or smoke, intrusion and loud sounds. We're especially fans of the medicine cabinet sensors that you can place in bathrooms to alert you if someone, like a child, is accessing dangerous prescriptions. You can place these same sensors in gun or liquor cabinets to protect your children and notify you if they access these dangerous items.

If you or a family member needs medical attention, Vivint also offers medical emergency alerts to get you care fast. The medical alert lets you contact the Vivint monitoring station quickly so they can reach emergency personnel as soon as possible. This is an especially good quality to have if you or an elderly family member lives alone.

Even with the most basic plan, you can arm or disarm your system with your mobile device. You can also customize what alerts you receive, so you aren't bombarded with messages every time your family opens a door. The best part is the app works for most mobile devices, like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad and other tablets. This gives you the secure feeling of knowing your home is safe anywhere you go with internet access.

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