Thursday, 24 April 2014

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FrontPoint Security Reviews

FrontPoint Security is a home security system that has partnered with General Electric (GE) to keep their customers safe and secure in their own homes. GE builds some of the best home security equipment available, so this partnership greatly benefits the consumer. FrontPoint weighs all of the options when it comes to home security and they offer the consumer flexibility in plan pricing and equipment selection.


About FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint makes every effort to be a unique and individual company and they pride themselves on top notch customer service. FrontPoint security systems utilize the latest technology, which is one reason they offer cellular monitoring systems exclusively. 24 hours a day 7 days a week, customer service representatives at FrontPoint are standing guard to assist you if your alarm system is activated. In addition to around the clock monitoring, FrontPoint has a wide variety of equipment to choose from including motion sensors, smoke sensors, touch screen control panels, flood sensors, fire and heat sensors, and a range of door locks and sensors.



What Separates FrontPoint Security?

FrontPoint recognizes that there are major flaws in landline and Internet connected security systems. For example, burglars can easily disconnect a landline or internet connection when breaking into your home. It is for this reason that FrontPoint security systems feature wireless technology which is clearly the wave of the future.

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