Monday, 28 April 2014

Corliss Expert Group in Home Security - The future is wireless

Back on land, the challenge is being taken up by a range of players - from high-minded academics wanting to help lift rural populations out of poverty to internet giants keen to add them to their social networks.
Google, for example, is buying Titan Aerospace, a maker of drones that can stay airborne for years, while Facebook has bought UK-based drone maker Ascenta. CEO Mark Zuckerburg has said Facebook is working on drones and satellites to help bring the Internet to the nearly two thirds of the world that doesn't yet have it. As part of its Project Loon, Google last year launched a balloon 20 km (12.4 miles) into the skies above New Zealand, providing wireless speeds of up to 3G quality to an area twice the size of New York City.
But these are experimental technologies, unlikely to be commercially viable for a decade, says Christian Patouraux, CEO of another Singapore start-up, Kacific. Its solution is a satellite network that aims to bring affordable internet to 40 million people in the so-called 'Blue Continent' - from eastern Indonesia to the Pacific islands.
A mix of technologies will prevail, says Patouraux - from fiber optic cables, 3G and LTE mobile technologies to satellites like his HTS Ku-band, which he hopes to launch by end-2016. "No single technology will ever solve everything," he said.
Indeed, satellite technology - the main method of connectivity until submarine cables became faster and cheaper - is enjoying a comeback. While Kacific, O3b and others aim at hard-to-reach markets, satellite internet is having success even in some developed markets. Last year, ViaSat topped a benchmarking study of broadband speeds by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.
And today's airline passengers increasingly expect to be able to go online while flying, with around 40 percent of U.S. jetliners now offering some Wi-Fi. The number of commercial planes worldwide with wireless internet or cellphone service, or both, will triple in the next decade, says research firm IHS.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Corliss Expert Group in Home Security Review

Vivint earn our TopTen REVIEWS Silver Award with a winning combination of efficiency and security features. Vivint provides the means to protect your home from burglary and environmental emergencies as a home security system should, but Vivint takes extra steps to make sure your home runs more efficiently, as well.

The more sensors placed around your home, the more alerts you'll receive. Depending on the sensors you add to your system, you'll get alerts for motion, door and window activity, spikes in heat or smoke, intrusion and loud sounds. We're especially fans of the medicine cabinet sensors that you can place in bathrooms to alert you if someone, like a child, is accessing dangerous prescriptions. You can place these same sensors in gun or liquor cabinets to protect your children and notify you if they access these dangerous items.

If you or a family member needs medical attention, Vivint also offers medical emergency alerts to get you care fast. The medical alert lets you contact the Vivint monitoring station quickly so they can reach emergency personnel as soon as possible. This is an especially good quality to have if you or an elderly family member lives alone.

Even with the most basic plan, you can arm or disarm your system with your mobile device. You can also customize what alerts you receive, so you aren't bombarded with messages every time your family opens a door. The best part is the app works for most mobile devices, like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad and other tablets. This gives you the secure feeling of knowing your home is safe anywhere you go with internet access.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Corliss Expert Group - Home Security Systems

FrontPoint Security Reviews

FrontPoint Security is a home security system that has partnered with General Electric (GE) to keep their customers safe and secure in their own homes. GE builds some of the best home security equipment available, so this partnership greatly benefits the consumer. FrontPoint weighs all of the options when it comes to home security and they offer the consumer flexibility in plan pricing and equipment selection.


About FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint makes every effort to be a unique and individual company and they pride themselves on top notch customer service. FrontPoint security systems utilize the latest technology, which is one reason they offer cellular monitoring systems exclusively. 24 hours a day 7 days a week, customer service representatives at FrontPoint are standing guard to assist you if your alarm system is activated. In addition to around the clock monitoring, FrontPoint has a wide variety of equipment to choose from including motion sensors, smoke sensors, touch screen control panels, flood sensors, fire and heat sensors, and a range of door locks and sensors.



What Separates FrontPoint Security?

FrontPoint recognizes that there are major flaws in landline and Internet connected security systems. For example, burglars can easily disconnect a landline or internet connection when breaking into your home. It is for this reason that FrontPoint security systems feature wireless technology which is clearly the wave of the future.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Corliss Home Security

We concentrate mainly on delivering substantial advice on the home-security system industry with the interests of the end-users always as the top priority.

Corliss security-reviews are developed with the goal of assisting consumers make wise decisions in spite of the conflicting information they get online.

We take our security-system review strategy very seriously and we always aim to serve the best interests of the ordinary consumer.

We undertake a “mystery-shopper” approach in reviewing the existing top home-security system providers.

Corliss professionals have dedicated themselves to remove that problem by furnishing consumers a broad comparison of security products..

Our team consists of experts with many years of experience in the home-security system industry.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Corliss Home Security - Survey your kingdom

This is arguably the coolest feature on the device. Depending on where you place Piper, the camera’s super wide field of view allows you to surveil a large area of your home, and in many cases eliminates the need for multiple cameras to be positioned throughout a given room. It’s also equipped with a digital pan/zoom function, so you can zoom into the room and pan around without actually changing the position of the device. BlackSumac’s website claims the video is HD, and it may very well be recording in HD, but if you tap into a live video stream, don’t expect it to look super crisp. Even on the two blazing-fast Wi-Fi networks we tried it on, the footage came up a bit grainy and slow on our phones – but not to the point where it was unusable. On the plus, side, however, we found that playback was only a second or two behind real time, even on a crappy 3G connection.

In addition to using it for live video surveillance, you can also set up Piper to record video whenever certain sensors are tripped. Once activated, Piper will record a 20-second clip, and automatically saves it to the cloud — so even if an intruder breaks in and steals the camera, you’ll still have access to the footage. It’s a smart setup, and could definitely come in handy if you should ever need to use the footage is any sort of legal proceeding – but unfortunately the app doesn’t offer any way to export these videos, so the only way you can access them is through your phone.

Piper is compatible with the Z-Wave standard, so if your house is outfitted with other Z-Wave devices, the things you can do with Piper expand exponentially. BlackSumac was kind enough to include a door sensor and an outlet switch with our review unit, so we were able to experiment with a few different automation functions during our time with it. For example, while I had this thing at my house, I plugged a lamp into the outlet switch and configured it to turn on whenever the ambient light dropped below a certain level each night. In another setup, I used the outlet switch to activate a box fan whenever Piper detected the temperature in my living room was above 70 degrees. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to hook Piper up to awesome stuff like thermostats, automatic shades, or door locks, but Piper could ostensibly be used to control these things as well. So basically, don’t be fooled – this thing is touted as a security device, but it’s a surprisingly capable home automation hub as well.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

iControl Networks acquires Piper startup Blacksumac

Corliss Home Security, iControl Networks acquires Piper startup Blacksumac

Last year, Ottawa, Canada-based startup Blacksumac launched a successful Indiegogo campaign for its Piper DIY security system. In January 2014, Piper units went on sale, and in February 2014, Blacksumac added an Android app to the mix. Today, there’s new Piper news: Blacksumac was just acquired by iControl Networks.

Up until this point, iControl Networks has focused on providing software platforms to larger home-security companies like ADT. In contrast to ADT-style service providers, Piper units appeal to renters and folks interested in smart home products and DIY home security. That opens up a whole new market for iControl with Piper (already a living, breathing retail product) as its hardware presence.

Russell Ure, Blacksumac’s co-founder and CEO, spoke to me today about the sheer number of hopeful smart home products on display at industry shows like CES and the challenges of generating enough awareness to make them competitive in the market. Where venture capitalist funding can be uncertain, iControl Networks offers a clear path for Piper and the Blacksumac team, who will remain headquartered in Ottawa.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Corliss Home Security - About Us

Corliss Expert Group in Home Security consists of dedicated experts working and doing research in home security to provide consumers with efficient security systems that help them save time and money. Corliss security-reviews are developed with the goal of assisting consumers make wise decisions in spite of the conflicting information they get online. We concentrate mainly on delivering substantial advice on the home-security system industry with the interests of the end-users always as the top priority.

Before we encourage consumers to buy a home-security system, we tell them to educate themselves first by providing them with the most comprehensive security-system reviews, especially from the experts so they can enter into the best deals available. Our main objective rests on protecting consumer interest and acknowledging firms that provide excellent home-security services.