Friday, 24 October 2014

The Corliss Latest Home Security Gadgets

Innovation and design never run out of style in today’s industrial products, particularly those intended for personal or family use.  Here are some of the latest home security gadgets available on the market today that prove the point:

1. A Virtual Lock

One of the smart home locks available in the market (as shown in the photo above) looks like any normal front-door bolt lock at first glance. But with a mere touch, it can unlock or lock the door using virtual keys, whether permanent or temporary. It can also monitor entries and exits into your home via remote control and transmit activity alerts using the Kevo app which is programmed for day-and-night cycles. Best of all, in case the lock fails to open electronically, you have a normal key to your rescue. This lock can also interphase with other systems, such as Home Depot’s Wink and Staples Connect.

 2. Canary Video Monitor

And while inside or outside your home or your office, you may feel the need to monitor your surrounding security status any time of the day or night. Canary Video Monitor helps you do that using motion, temperature, humidity and air quality sensors, including night vision HD camera, microphone and speakers. This intelligent gadget can analyze data to alert you of any specific emergency or dangerous situation. It can eventually learn to adapt itself to the family’s habits and may appear to be idle when all is well. Now you know why the name Canary was chosen.

3. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector

Nest has integrated the smoke detector and the CO detector into one gadget. It tells you in clear, specific words what the problem is. And just in case it is nothing but your toaster working up a smoke, it can also give you an early warning. To turn it off, merely wave your hand under the detector. The gadget will send a text message if any problem arises or when batteries are low and you are out of the house. It works with Nest’s equally intelligent thermostat.

4. Heinz Camouflage Safe

A smart way of confusing burglars or, just a way of livening up your home scene, is having security that misleads with its simplicity. Spycatcheronline has a wide selection of “camo” safes designed to appear like genuine, branded grocery items, such as Heinz baked beans and Pringles tubes. Now, we are glad someone thought of that. That should give burglars a harder time to look for your valuables, unless they are hungry and go to the pantry first before looking for the money.

5. Pressure Door Mat

This pressure-activated door mat will transmit a wireless signal to a chime unit each time somebody steps on it, alerting you when a person enters the house. Or for those who have the habit of leaving their door unbolted yet need to be notified of any visitors arriving, the extra prior notice could come in very handy, especially when there is a burglary attempt or an unwelcome entry such as a debt collector.

6. Padlock that gives out a Siren

Oftentimes, a padlock is not enough to prevent illegal entry. But a padlock with a built-in alarm just might. The heavy-duty padlock can be used for bikes, cupboards, garages or crates, and the siren alarm goes off once the lock is moved, touched or knocked, giving potential burglars a surprising welcome and a sudden bad riddance.

What will they think of next? It all depends on what Mother Necessity wants done.

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